Being Present

Oprah’s life classes are Ah-mazing!!! This woman never ceases to amaze me. I think everyone needs to hear the inspiring words from this segment. Many people of this generation are constantly going texting, tweeting, emailing, and forgetting some of the most important moments are passing us by. What does it actually mean to live in the moment? We all know that it is very hard to focus on one thing at a time, without thinking about the result, the next bill, a direct deposit and next week’s schedule. But Oprah taught in this segment that if you can actually slow down, you might be able to enjoy some of the things you are passing up or maybe even forefeiting. She asked when you look at your to do list, Are you on there? Are you forgetting about your self, if you are moving so fast that you forget about family and friends, will you be able to deal with the guilt once they’re gone.

11.09.11 23:32 PM 0 Comments
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